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On 2014-06-11 at 1:05 a.m., lynx86 said:

Im having a wife and I lately arent really all that close...
I dont know how it happened really, but ive come to realize that we arent really communicating on an intimate level anymore, we just kind of communicate about getting through the days.intimacy has become the casual kiss, or the just slightly sensual sex, with no real passion to it...even when i directly tell her what I want sexually i feel like she has her mind elsewhere, doing chores or planning her week, rather then her being as interested as I am..ive even wondered if its me not listening to her needs, but ive directly asked her about what she wants out of this, and she just says i dont explanatikn of what has her confused or anything, just I dont know.ive often wondered if I should be taking the hint, that maybe shes simply filling a spot in her life by having me as her husband...currently our children get massively more time with her then I do, with her often falling asleep with them...ive tried telling her how I feel but its just not come out right, and i get frustrated because it seems as if her mind is never quite on what im telling her.I guess I feel that if two people truly want to be together, they will both desire to be with one another, rather then one always being too busy or tired for the other.i understand busy life, but I dont understand not making time for one another.I keep ending up in our bed alone while she sleeps with our children in the living room, and I get angry that I sometimes feel she would rather sleep there then here...I just dont know what to do, ive tried everything I can think of, short of demanding that she be in our bed each evening, because I dont feel thats right for me to do.i dont own her. But something has to change.this is not happiness.

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