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On 2004-02-28 at 10:25 a.m., lynx86 said:

well here i am again,everyone. welcome to all,and i appreciate all who havent decided to disapear after the first rampant entry.first off,to it guy,i full heartedly agree with you(and yes Hcatty,i AM starting to sound political,it scares me too dont worry)your entry about gays and whitesupremicsim (or whatever the word is,forgive me if ive misquoted you) is too true,you see,i have a black man that i am very good friends with,as a matter of fact we full heartedly consider each other our brother,in every sense of the word.he told me about a story not too long ago, i dont know when it happened but,it made me think about the supposed "freedoms" we have,even here in america. the story he told me involved two men,who were having sex in their own home, this was written up in the paper and i remember hearing of it some time ago.the two men were dragged out of their home,and arrested for having sex in their own home. now im no pro gay man,however,i do believe that a man should have the right to sexual freedom,wheather with another male,or with a woman,in his own dont get me wrong,im not saying its correct,to all those who may disagree,but hey,we live in america,these things are supposed to be FREEDOMS, birth rights for americans,also given to men who enter this country and live here,under the protecion of our military.and a god given right at imean lets think about it,are black men(by the way i am a very white man,proud of it,but will still have a smile on my face when my brother calls me a negro.)or gay men(or the female equivalent)to be made any less of,in america? last i checked were ALL supposed to have these rights.somebody tell me where in the constitution it says a person has to be straight to have these rights.if you can i will work for you the rest of my life,giving you my full not sure about canadas laws/rights/or such,but i suspect they are somewhat the who are we to judge gays/minorities/or anyone different? by the way,for anyone white who is racist and would like to say something about this entry,feel free,i will gladly accept our entries,but be4 you send one,i want you to think about this,were all on this earth together,and in some of the places i have lives,it is a complete 180. there,WHITE ppl are the minority,and hated racially. so be4 ou tell someone to go "home" go read the constitution,if youre in america,and see that they are home,and then think about the fact that in Hawaii you ARE the one who needs to go the life of the minority be4 you try to bash gays or other the way..........did the hindu man next to you shoot you?or are you pissed because of the turban? thank you for listening,and farewell.

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