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On 2004-02-28 at 10:28 a.m., lynx86 said:

question for all you males: how many of you have found out indirectly that youve hurt someones feeling? another:how long did it take?

see the reason ive asked these questions is because i just found out what an idiot i am.ive been sent a diary link several times be4,and never made time to check it.*bows head in stupidity* wow,isnt sheer stupidity amazing? and how did i at last find out? ah thats the interesting part,and i might as well admit it,because shell drag it out of me anyways.well,thanks to you Dangerspouse,i have been pulled into the swirling vortex that is diaryland.i read about halfway thru your stuff,(sent to me by her as well)and then thought hm,i might want to check her diary,and read!what an INSPIRATION!lo and behold,i find info i might have been well to know a while ago,and had several chances to find out lovely.all that time,and i find out on an impulse.and being a woman,she wont tell me tht much,nope,as the man i have to find it myself.shes a woman,no matter how non woman-steriotypical she might be,this is still mandatory.hence the links to her diary...and no word of the fact i hurt her feelings......ok let me put this blatantly for all you women out there who cant figure out why their men keep hurting them....uh have you tried speaking up? it usually works when your,such a suggestion has never occured to the female race im sure.density: its lovely.but,alas for you females,i must now deprive you of the epitome of all male screw ups: i must now apologize.ich liebe dich miene liebling,and geronimo,i am sorry for all the pain ive caused you,as well as all the times i have not been there for you lately....things have to change.....(im sure ill have more to apologize for later...ive only gotten halfway thru your entries this evening.)but alas all fine/boring/women apealing/things must come to an end.......also,these last four entries have been written while i was half forgive anything ive missed in the editing.

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