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On 2004-02-28 at 10:22 a.m., lynx86 said:

This is me......get over it.

well,here i am. yes i know. it was inevitable from the start,everything she shows me,i am inexoribly drawn to join it.....its disgusting,and boy oh boy i hope she never decides to show me a womans unite and help me! (yes i know,dangerpouse,ive stolen your style,ah but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,and besides....i work with it so deal with it.well lets see,what has happened to me lately?(or ever? since this is my first entry?)heck,ill explain here,thee will be several entries that were written ahead such as this one,and emailed to myself,to be cut and pasted later,while i wait for the god oppressed password to arrive in my devil loving mailbox..............this to explain just how cursed my email account is....... well where to start? well,im a guy(gee who would have guessed?) who enjoys being outdoors,(dont ask why i live in a city,by CHOICE)im an avid reader,reading everything from the works of shakespeare to David eddings' rantings(i dare anyone to defy the fact that eddings puts just as good a plot together as shakespeare did,and youd bettter have read at least one whole series from him),but somehow,i could also care less abut grammar and punctuation,as Hcatty will attest to..(one of my endearing qualities she says,yeah right),hold on allow me to go get a blanket,to wrap my cold butt that im wrapped in my namesake blanket(with a giant lynx in vivid coloring),and my body feels like god thinks im arag to be wrung out,ill continue.i was born in Portland, Oregon,raised in hawaii(yes HAWAII,for all of you that are about to write me asking,you were raised in HAWAII?!?!?!?!(and to answer your question i moved because Hawaii got a little sickening after 9/ for those of you who think that day didnt do anything to the economy,go place your genitals in some hot lava,and try to get a job in porn. you will then have an inkling of how hard it is to get a job in a place accesible only by plane or boat after everyone is scared spitless of flying.)),and i am curretly living in better be able to stand any wheather with a smile.i mean ive listed all the major wheather groups there. hurricanes,tropical stomrs,rain,sleet,snow,blistering heat,dry/humid heat,earthquakes,and last but not leastthe worst of all,terrorism(by the way i wish someone would try to stick me up with a boxopener,geez,id have fun.knives...theyre nothing but toys,i mean you know those knife jugglers? im one of those types of ppl,knives fascinate me.i once owned a broadsword,and enjoyed notheing more then to flip it around in the air and catch the wouldnt believe how fun that is.ah satisfaction!)im also a poet,and a few other things(unfortunately,not a musician,o all of you who are virtuosos on the piano or violin or any such insturment,i admire you all,keep up the practice.)wel,now that ive ranted and you have seen my personality,onto prewriting the next ranting!

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