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On 2004-02-28 at 10:25 a.m., lynx86 said:

well now that ive probabaly offended half the nation,and most of canada as well,ill move to more neutral territory.*wince* geez,is this what bodybuilders go thru? you see ive been working out for the past couple days with the guys down at the normally this wouldnt bother me much.....but ive fully pushed a few muscles to the limit,and yesterday i pushed my shoulder beyond the limit, brother and i were slapboxing,when we first got in,and it was going pretty well,i must say. i had actually gotten two hits off on him,in the process of getting pummeled,when i went to ive him a left at the face,and somehow pulled up short.i ended up landing my elbow on his bicep,and completely throwing my shoulder out in the popped back in,but well,it seems to have pulled it while it was at it,god forbid i should get into a fight........all the other guy has to do is stand there,and let me injure myself on his body.last time me and my brother slap boxed,you could have sworn i broke my right now my shoulder is in severe pain,and my other arm is hurting,long with the leg muscles.ah the joys of working out.on the plus side,i now know i can leg press four plates,and a 140 lb guy as 210,i count myself lucky. add me screaming in pain, cradling my arm all day while i was in between working my shoulders(yes Hcatty,i hardheaded,leave it alone)and fending the guys off on why i wouldnt go get a phone number from the 19 yr old european woman with a wealthy family,and the gym is a beautiful place.then throw in for spice,me and my brother playing a game of ball at the inside basketball court,and youve got youreself one tired,tight me,slap boxing a black man is detrimental to your health. ah the joys of working out!

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