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On 2004-02-29 at 3:08 a.m., lynx86 said:

politics make just as much sense as this entry does,ill say that much......

well here i am for another torturous entry,which has been inflicted upon me by as usual, the female race. todays entry is sponsored by one female in particular,Hcatty. last night her and i had quite the spirited conversation.......about politics,lol. now,if any of you know me,(and im sure quite a few of you from icq do)i avidly avoid the sublect of politics,(basically,anything having to do with legal mobsters taking power in the usa)because me and politics of ANY kind do not get, last night we got into this topic of discussion however.....and for any of you "straddlers"as a woman called you guys today.... you know what this means... im a very devout straddler,so i guess my entry on it guys entry,lol,was my own undoing, now,im told i HAVE to vote,or i have no complaining men,give me a beer,im going to sit and think about this in the traditional male way:on the couch,with cold beer in hand and screaming HITTIM!!!!!!!!!%&%&%^ HITTIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basically,i prefer not to think about it,its politics.........

then to top it off,i got informd today that not only was i voting,i was voting for BUSH(well argue that one later Hcatty)so nice to voting for the first time well as already knowing who im voting for even be4 i hit the voting nice.......well im gunna go find osama bin laden now,and shoot him... could have avoided all this voting buiseness and stayed in hawaii if he hadnt decided the twin towers needed to be blown up... the bastard. ah well..that the kicks,im outta here!

and that my friends......made absolutely NO sense now did it?

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