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On 2004-03-03 at 3:38 a.m., lynx86 said:

well here it is,at 330 in the friggin morning(yes dangerspouse,i know......try getting up at one and see what happens....)but lets see,i havent posted in the last few days,and welli figured i might want to do that....hmm,LOL. news for the opast couple days? well,i signed up with a temp company,and im told by the clerk that shes supposed to have a bunch of positions with the fender company coming in the next few days,alright!i mean the FENDER company...this would mean i would be learning a trade in the music buiseness.....kewl!of course,getting this entailed going down there twice,and i still have to go again tomorrow,to take in my final form of id..but hey, i also had to stay up all night,and exhaust myself fixing my brothers car,this isnt much of a task,normally,but if any of you are mechanics,thenyou know how much work it is to change a set of tires,when all youve got is the stockjack,designed merely to fit in your trunk and make it to where you can build some biceps by pumping car.....yes CAR.also,its a whol lot of fun,right after coming from the gym.where my van had decided to run down the battery....and also decided to spring a leak,a slow one,but hey its a leak in the tire...oh joy of all joys,but then again,i also cleaned the battery,and jury rigged him a windsheild lovely,considering this is a gold colored 96 toyota,in very nice shape(ive never seen such a clean engine off the lot....and here i thought the oil and dirt coating on the engine of a car was,i HAVE lived in the country too long....)but hey its always a joy when you have tools,but just enough tools to make the job harder,as you have ten of everything but what you need,so you spemnd an hour looking for that swearing you had it,and realizing,oh yeah,i gave that to grampa!wow,i do so love my brain power,dont you?

well,heres to luck,life,luxury,and the lord!

p.s. and yes ,thank god,i did get the car a matter of fact i fell asleep in my room customizing the wper blade,sitting in my chair,and awoke still in my workout vclothes,to look up and see granny looking at me telling me to turn th tv off next time,and the lights too. oops.

till next time,adieu!

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