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On 2004-03-04 at 2:22 a.m., lynx86 said:

cool,ive got my first note from someone i dont know(hey thats a big means i didnt send them to my page,i swear i didnt!!!!!)lol, thanks it guy,for your compliment,and hy,i just consider it humn rights. if someone wants to pursue happiness.then lettem,oh well,mebbe its just us,eh? ah well,how fun,i did nothin g but get stuck in traffic today. seriously.nothing. i mean lets see,i got up at twelve,(with some serious talkin from my brother,but hey that means nothing right guys? oh wait,theyr all still sleeping too...oh well)then got ready and left to go to a workplace. well,on the way there,we hit traffic. ow lovely,. we sat there for an hour,on our way to someplace that should have taken 15 mins to get there,we finally turned off,and went home,we didnt even get haklfway there,for goodness sake! ah well,whatd i expect,right? i live in los angeles,right? OH WELL,mebbe its too much to ask ppl to not gawk at the accident victims,at least,unless theres no medical personnell there,dont slow down! i mean geez,call me crazy,but you do them no good by gawking at them,nor do you do the guy behind you any good by slowing down,as he may actually have somewhere to go,even though you dont. oh youve got to get to work too huh? then get there dangit! pray for them,look in passing,or do what your going to do,EXCEPT FOR LOWING DOWN! i mean think about it ppl,a whole hour to not even get halfway to where your going,is ridiculous,especially when that place is 15 mins away from you to start!!GEEZZZZZ just stop being quite so nosy DRATIT!

altho,i suppose i might have done a few other things after getting home besides playing def jam vendetta....what do you think?

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