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On 2004-03-08 at 4:48 a.m., lynx86 said:

well oday was a prettyunintereting day,so i do believe ill make this one of those serious/ completely ridiculous entries! i think this time i will use a poem of mine,and display it here... allow me to give some background on this poem. this poem originally started out as a love poem,but somehow,as do all the greats,it changed,it is now a love poem for our lord and saviour,as well as a reminder of the place of the human race....being that this story was written at a time when i was coming to grips with my religion,it is a bit dismal,yet also,it is a sign of hope for us all. and so,i give you...


As the visions surround me,

I wish if only they could be.

My love for you i seem,

To not be able to redeem.

My angel has left,

Leaving between us a great cleft.

The world do i not trust,

For it blew you away from me,

And in one big gust,

Gone is all that seemed to be.

And now lord do i cry,

And for your love do i try.

I always fall short,

And yet you wait,

Not impatient,

Not with your hand at your side,

And i see your never-ending love abide.

Your hand is out,

And you say,

When you reach for my hand,

And stop trying on your own,

Then, truly have you grown.

And so i sit,

In this pit of despair.

Too proud to ask,

Too stubborn to take your hand.

I can see your love,

Yet i think myself above,

Needing yoiur help.

I cringe fom your glory,

And you say do not be afraid,

But come up out of that grime,

And stay with me this time.

For i have been out before,

Only to go love all the wrong in store.

I never stay,

I always slip.

It is the never ending trip,

This trip i take.

Yet, it will all be over some day,

And one place will i stay,

With my placard,

So stained,

that says in cold pained letters....


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