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On 2004-03-11 at 1:35 a.m., lynx86 said:

ah yes,i have survived my first day of utter and atrocious hell. for those of you who dont know,i started my job with Fender music today,this is to say,i started my job working on guitars today

be4 i go ny further,id like to ask,have any of youever worked in an assembly line? trust me,if you never have,you dont want to start.i have had my first day,working this sort opf job,and its not fun. you sit at a station,for all of your shift,(mine justhppened to last a supremely short 8 hours....short...*snort* right...)and do a completely repetitious act,over and over and over and over and get the idea,i wont bor you and do an assembly line sentance.for me this consisted of polishing the bases of know those guitars youre afraid to pick up because theyve got such beautiful shine to them? i think ill kill the next person who messes up that shine.because my day consisted of pushing out that shine,at the rate of at least four an hour,which is to say,that was as fast as i could go,never mind they wanted 8..even the guy next to me whos been there 14 years told me not to worry about that just go my own pace,take my time,that sort of thing.but if youve ever stood still for eight hours you know what its like. its torture,nothing more.not only was it death on the feet,my back had two large cricks in it,as well as the fact i hadnt eaten be4 i left...all im saying,is no,im not gellin. and yes,after payday,.i will be gellin. times three.there will be three gel pads in each shoe,to combat the stiffness of foot that comes with the job. ill buy my shoes three sizes too big if i have to ,i dont care,im slohing my butt around for as long as im working this job...ugh,eight hours a day,five days a week,for only 7.25 an hour....seems almost unfaoir,but when you think that most everyone there is mexican,its surprising getting paid 7.25 an hour? and as many mexican men and women as i saw there,who im sure get paid more then i,this just doesnt say much for the mexicans who will work for any amount argument.....meanwhile,im going to go drop myself into bed like some cookie dough.....more like pour myself into bed,ive been whipped so badly. if i had a wife,i think id finally know what its like to not want sex for an evening.alls i can say is when i told the woman i wanted to learn a trade,this was NOT what i had in mind.....well goodmorning everyone,im off to bed.

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