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On 2004-03-12 at 11:34 a.m., lynx86 said:

whatever happened to the good old days? i know,many of you have been wondering this for centuries....uh,i mean years.i know ive been wondering this ever since i became 18.personally id like to be 3 again,just so im out of diapers,and can grow up all over thing i miss a lot about being that young,is that you can do almost anything spontaneously.

the main reason im writing on this subject today,is that ive had a memory of a song running thru my mind all,its not the song i really remember,but the effects of that song.

heres the story to explain that.

when i was 7 i moved to hawaii for a summer,only to end up staying for a school year as well.during this school year,i wasnt all that well liked,but hey this didnt matter, as whenever we ate lunch it was pick a seat,any seat. well one day i actually picked a seat next to a girl i knew,(yes as a matter of fact i DID like her,but at that time i was always scared to talk to a girl i liked,as i was worried about being told no,and feeling stupid,or getting made fun of,you know the sort of thing im talking about(for those of you guys who have never had this problem,go soak your head.....).well,anyways,this school,named Kamaile elementary,was still in the beginning stages of a school,at this time. it had just gotten built,and they were still shaping almost everything to what they wanted. At this time,they had a sterio system in the cafeteria. during lunch,or before school presentations,we would have the radio going. well,this day it was going as usual,and we all sort of hummed along.this was normal,nobody ever made fun of humming,so it wa safe. well,apparently the girl next to me,Lacie,wasnt worried about being made fun of. She began to actually sing the this point something amazing by one the whole table began to sing as well.a sort of low singing,but singing nonetheless.then it grew,we were belting it out.then the next table heard us,and they too took up the song. from there it spread like wildfire,all throughout the children in that room. table by table,the children began singing all out.then the girl next to me did something else. she stood up on the seat of the thing we know,the whole cafeteria is standing up. one thing you have to know about this school,was we had an immense man,who was our school security guard. the man was a body builder,i swear.if i hadnt asked the man,id still swear that along with the dark shades he always wore,he had a pistol under his shirt,but he didnt. i asked.the was also a small lady who was everybodys auntie. her name was Mrs. Tavares. both of these two were considered stern ppl,and never messed with. we had both of them,this day,and the only thing they did to stem the rising levels of excitement,was.....nothing. as a mattter of fact they encouraged it,with Shades cracking the first smile i had ever seen,and Mrs. Tavares doing a sort of backwards raise the roof motion. the sort of thing where you hold your hands,palms up,and raise them quickly,and drop them and raise them. she was telling us to get louder! this was to be my first experience really,with mass singing.this was incredible,everywhere you looked,in that cafeteria,there was ppl singing. and i mean everyone. the bullies,the good girls,the a students,the f students,the unliked,and the liked,all stood,and sang this song. by the end of this song we were clapping our hands in rhythm to the song,and swaying our hips.quite frankly,im surprised the seats all held so much weight.but by the end of the song,we were all sad to have it over,for,while the song had been playing,we were all didnt matter that right next to me was a girl i was afraid to talk to,or that across the way was the guy who hated me,or that not all of us got along with Mrs Tavares or Stern. we all sang as one. to this day i cant remember the song,and every time ive asked one of the ppl who was there,they dont remember seems still that im the only one who remembers this happening,but nonetheless,i remember. its not something you forget so easily,to see the love and comeraderie shared all around,so that there was no shoving,no fighting,just was amazing...have any of you ever had this type of experience? well let me see them! send me a link to your diary,and write about like to know your stories.

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