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On 2004-03-13 at 2:28 a.m., lynx86 said:

wel its decided. since ive been having this thing where,i have absolutely no idea what to put in my diary,i have hereby made firdays flahback fridays. this is where,we do a flashback,to anything. an older song,perhaps a childhood memory,mebbe a faorite movie,that sort of thing.

and yes,if any of you happen to be back in Hawaii,i DID in fact steal the idea off off I-94,do they even still do that now?hunh who knows? anyways.

ah today i shall regale you with the sotries of my CCAD work. for those of you who dont know,this stands forchristian community against leats i hope so,i know the three for sure,but cant remember the first c,oh well,you get the point. the whole idea was to go from house to house,and ask for donations. well we had a selection of books,"back breakers" ill call them,as they made us carry abackpack,full of about 6 volumes of the same book.what we were supposed to do,was to canvas a house,and use the books to upsize the donation. personally this is called selling in my book,as they had to give certain amounts to get different things,but hey,whos checkin right?

but during this job/summer program,i got some of the most interesting education ive ever had. im serious! picture this,at one house i went to,i walked up a path. this path circled around the garage,and came out on a patio behind the house. so i knocked. well,it turns out,that what i had done was walked a path right up behind the mans house. i called a few times,and was ready to leave when i heard a voice. i looked up,and there was a large wall of whats called jelousies. these are glass slats,or sometimes wood,but these were glass.there,standing in a towel,and dripping wet,was a man,with a woman huddling close,and staring at me from behind the towel.this is where it gets pretty descriptive. the man began the conversation in such a nice wy,as i was turning to leave,as he was obviously quite busy.he hollered at me,exactly this:WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT????well,speaking of that sir,i was hoping youd see fit to donate seven thousand dollars,because well,quite frankly sir,i get half of it for my school tuition,or in cash,and the rest goes for quite a good really it does.......eighteen thousand ???? oh,i suppose we can make,actually,the only part of that conversation that was correct there was him asking what the hell i want. to which my only answer(as i was quite shocked) was to start my shpeal. for anyone whos ever done door to door sales,you know that be4 you go out,you are given a set speech,wheather you use it or not,is entirely up to you and the situation. i used my shpeal.well sir,my names Gene,and im with CCAD,and what were douing is..... i got no further then that,then man then began screaming something at the top of his lung,something about get the hell out of here you bastard,be4 i call th cops......i decided obliging the man might be in order..then things got interesting. the man began ranting on how i had interrupted his sex,which he hadnt gotten in months...blah blah bklah...i truly felt sorry for the eighty year old man with cataracts.oops,im sorry,he was only in his fifties,but hey!he WAS old....and the grandmother in a towel bit did nothing or me,ill have you know..of course he had to continue,even as i wlaked out of his patio.."you stupid,stinking son of a B***** (use your imagination,im sure you can get the idea if you only concentrate hard enough....)at which point,(hey i was having a bad day!) i turned told him to shut the hell up,and he didnt have to be rude,i was which point he began cussing even more,and walking down the hallscreaming something about a shotgun. i never did figure out what he was ranting about,.as i was already out the front,and back in the van,telling the driver to go....note to self,always check the other side of a house,if you see no door visible. it turns out the house was on a corner,and i had gone thru the side path,into the mans back yard,to where i could see into his whole house almost.ah the price we pay for having glass walls!

then,we were sent to another island(for those of you who dont know,i grew up in Hawaii),where i had several ore instances of seeing half naked women,and meeting very interesting ppl(hey i almost got a phone number,which is very surprising,seeing as at the time i was still afraid to speak to girls....and she was good looking too!!!!!DANGIT oo bad the cat ran away be4 i could get the number off of the collar......dangit.hehe but we did have a very long conversation,turns out she was sort of depressed,but her parents were away,so she really didnt have anyone to talk to...i think she liked me!anyways,thats another story for another time.). most of these stories can make a full journal,and they very well might in future journals..

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