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On 2004-03-23 at 7:19 p.m., lynx86 said:

well,since dangerspouse so kindly asked(and Hcatty quietly berated me yesterday for not having done so n the last few days,as well as let me know she didnt KNOW ANYTHING about my new job really,cept that i got it....oops)i will now set down the new job,its features,and what exaclty i do every day,that i enjoy so much(when did i hit rock bottom on the fun list again? thought id gotten off the floor...hunh oh well....)

well,first day,i went in,and i worke with the janitorial team. what this entails is hanging on to te sid of a 15,500 lb capacity forklift,and helping to scoop up chunks of wood,and picking up steel bindings to toss them all in different bins,so the company can have them hauled out,and we dont have forklifts tipping over with 60,000 lbs worth of weight on their extreme this leave the operator writhing in extreme agony,because he just forced his bowel movements through his pants,wed really rather not have to clean that up. so we pick up wood instead....that was pretty much my first day,all eight hours of it,besides some clean up work in the building as well.

next day,well,i got there at 5 that morning instead of the 7 of the previous morning,as this rquires getting up at 3 in the morning(i live 15 mins away,but i need the extra time to wke up...the companys coffee machine just dont cut it,not strong enough on the coffee,lol.that day i did the same thing as the day be4,except a little more cleaning,and also,at the end of my shift,i was to report to the meeting room,to get tested for driving the lifts.ok,now heres something youve got to understand,i hate educational videos(except for the travelones,those are just great...) anything using a drab monotone voice,(and here we have the axle of the lift truck....this is where all the weights "fulcrum" is...(all said like bill stein...)

see,we had an hour long video,as well as studying a bokklet be4 taking the test. i slept thru half the video,and barely kept my eyes open for the booklet,as the video had nearly put me to sleep.....the other man taking the test,was wide any of you ever study better ASLEEP then you do awake? well aparently i paid more attention throughout the video and booklet then the other guy did,because i got three wrong,he got five.....i say thats itiful,but he passed anyways,lol.then came the driving part.which i retty much aced(heres a tip,why dont you try driving it backwards,since you cant see over the bin youre carrying? oh.....uh.....yeah...thanx.......i think that might work,WOW youre smart!!!!)but for testing,it took three hours,and i got pai overtime for the whole dang thing,i like the idea of THATS a reason to take a test not for no paltry A.......then i went home,lol.

the next day,i was cleaning the offices,and a man walked up to me. he asked what my name was and so i told him,uh,Lynx sir.....he said,.oh youre the one who did well on the test! i siad,HUH?he goes well im the certification associate,so all the tests pass across my test,and i saw did real well. listen sometime this wekk ill grab you and take you out and show you some of the other machines,ok? i siad,thatd be kewl( i still wasnt sure how to react,cmon!!!!)i said when would you do it,he said well pobabaly on some of the swing shifts.....(i fought back cheers at this point,as this means the night shift,which means more hours of sleep for me.......) and i said ok,just lemme know when.....then later on i began doing the work with the gondola,and the lift.(did i mention ive got my own key...??!?!?!?!? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)heheh i keep having guys trying to scare me,lol they think ill be nervous driving the lift or something...hunh. see,the items we work with around here some times weight as much as sixty thousand pounds a shot, and these things are pure steel,sometimes sixty feet in length,and usuallyat least six inches in thickness.a lot of I beams,some plate,that sort of thing,this is a steel yard,the industrial sort.a man walked up next to a pile of steel I beams,like he was taking a whizz,and started talking to me while i was picking up wood. he started talking about a rabbit,with its eyes bulging out,somewhere around the corner and kept trying to get me to go look,but i wouldnt,so he simply did what he was going to do when i wasnt l;ooking. he had a sledge hammer on him,and he used it to slam into the girders,to make a large noise. he was hoping id jump. i simply turned and gave hoim a smirk....he goes wow,the last guy jumped about three feet off the ground!i siad well,seeing as this stacks about 20 feets high,of pure steel,if its going to fall on me i might as well watch it come,and pray.i mean think about it,who can dash sixty feet in a matter of seconds,from a standing start? i know i cant, watch it come,and pray i would,lol.then another man grabbd a piece of woodmnd slammed it down on my lifts engine gate. as this is made of thin tin,it creates a loud noise,just a big boom.the man was surprised when i looked back calmly t see what had happened,lol.guess he wanted me to jump like the other man did,mlol. he just looked at me and smiled tho,lol.

and my boss says today that my higher up(i didnt recognize the name so its kinda scary that the man keeps tabs on me,lol.)says im doing real loing the finally getting some sort pf recognition for busting my butt,lol anyways,that about sums it up,i skipped coupla days there,but mstly it was the run of the mill cleanin up and runnin wood n steel bands,so wasnt much....but does that answer yer question dangerspouse? (by the way,when did you start reading my diaries? LOLnever even knew you were there,did any of my notes get thru? cause every time i sent one it gave me a message,something about messenger or something...)

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