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On 2004-03-26 at 8:42 p.m., lynx86 said:

have any of you ever had a day that made absolutely no sense?where no matter what youve done,it dont go right?yes,for me that day ws today.last night i went to bed early,compared to the amount of slp ive been getting this week. yeah guess what? i got an hour more of sleep,then i had any day previously this week,and woke up more tired. dont ask me,makes no i dragged myself out of bed,got ready,and went to work.....i got there twenty minutes early,clocked in,and got to work....Temo(my boss just above me)would ak me if i got omething,and i could swear i had....i hadnt,or it looked like i hadnt....i swear i looked extremely stupid,or like i meant to be messing up.....grrr,then later,when i was driving a lift,i maneaged to get the wrong container for the wood scraps...maneagd to throw it in the strap bin,which just makes more work a it has to be hauled out of there....then theres the fact that after Q and i got home from going out to get a few things,granny looks at me and says i want some money. now i made sure i thought about it be4 i said it,but i had just woke up,so it might have sounded a bit rude,but i said exactly.....mmmmmmmmmm for what? she goes first for the kitchen being left dirtuy last night(Q and i both could swear it looked just fine.....)and supposedly we left alight on,and she wants help with the bills...i have no problem with this,but i do think it only curteous to ask be4 checks happen,so that a person can plan for it......because supposedly we dont clean around her,ebut shes hired a guy to come in and live here to do it.....grrrrrrr(yes gorgeous,im venting......)shes saying the elctric bill is extra high,mebbe if she turned off he tv mopre then once a month when she leaves,it might go down a bit....or mebbe if she didnt have the electric water bowl for the two dogs......or mebbe if her light didnt stay on for roughly 23 hours a day......mebbe its just me,i must be nitpicking.......*sigh* ah well,i at least got the parts for the van,and we maneaged to get a cd player for Q's car,relatively cheap,so the day wasnt a total waste....

lord i pray that you may help me to get thru this evening,and to be able to praise you for the trials of the day,as i have much work to do......i thank you lord for the things which you have given me,even to include the trials of every day life,and ahead of time for your love and grace and mercy.......also please accept my repentance for the doubtings of you this day lord.......i should be more trusting in you and your power...i pray that this may be retified in the your name,the name of the lord,Amen.

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