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On 2004-03-29 at 3:12 a.m., lynx86 said:

*sigh* well,i havent updated in a few days,so sadly,i think i must..... just a quick entry mind you,because if i get long,lol id be late for work...and late for a job you plan to make a career of isnt good....

well i finaly wnet to church last night,and heard all about "multi-breasted statues of aphrodite"....funny,i dont remember going to a shrine for aphrodite worshipers...i DO remember going to a christian community church tho.......hunh..oh well,chalk THAT church up tonon-attendance for me.

you see,i got there,and was greeted by sveral ushers. this was nice,as most churches ive been to have one or two ushers,who disapear after small amount of time ushering,only to reappear whenever theres an i went to walk into the sanctuary,i was told no drinks were allowed,as i had a small bottle of water in my hand. i said ok,and sat don,and listened over the p.a. system to the sermon that was going on. it was all about the people of Ephesus,and sexual immorality.ok,i had no problems with this,this is something a lot of people need to hear....granted there was quite a few things i didnt agree with,in the sermon,but i was a guest....i wont list them here as id start a theological debate that could rage for years to come,as i never quite once youv got me started ona debate.

but the thing that bothered me a lot,was that the pastor kept speaking of "multi-breatsed statues of aphrodite" and how every house had a statue like that. didnt bother me too much except for the fact that hed always say "multi-breasted statues of aphrodite" instead of saying it once,and trying for a more g-rated phrase. i mean it sounded like we were worshipping aphrodite's many breasts(yes,we know YOU do,dangerspouse ,but good god what nice tits isnt the first thing to my mind,LOL)instead of the lord our god.

the man seems to love the movie the passion of the christ,i mean hey,the man said it was the top grossing movie right now,and woul continue to be the top grossing movie ever.......good news....except theres a news paper on the coffe table downstairs dated the 22nd saying that dawn of the dead had al;ready raised more money then the passion.....sorry pal,read a little more...i hate the news and i saw THAT one,if youre going to preach on it,then preach on it,but check your sources please?!?!?!?????*sigh* ah well,to make a shorter story of it,as i need to put my shoes on and leave,i left between services........and most likely wont go back........i shall keep you updated on my search for the holy grail of churches......goobers!

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