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On 2004-04-25 at 3:13 a.m., lynx86 said:

*sigh* send the yurt people this way dangerspouse. heheh my vhicular trasnport has decided a home on the dside of freeway 14 is better then serving my egotistical self. i could use those packmules you spoke of....

LOL well as many of you know,Hcatty was saying ive hit a few snags,lol.

wel were to start. me n Q came back from our weekend in the mountains withour mama,to find gray had changed the door locks. hunh,quite nice of her.and so began our saga of staying on the street.for the third time in my life,lol.ah well i enjoy it truthfully,its like a large game,thatyou win everytime,its just a question of how big you win.

so far tho,the winnings have become enourmous.the night we got kicked out,a friend saw us on the street,and invited us to stay at his house for the night.thenext day,i got a raise at work.showers? no problem my workplace has showers.tuesday night,we had to sleep in the car.oh well,the next day we got an offer to stay at an aunties house for a week.then we found a place that would be available on the 20th of may. sweet! then it got given away.drat. then she remembers theyve got something that will be ready in ten days.SWEET!!!and so,we came up to the mountains this weekened.but then my brothers car began to kick out friday night,seems the tranny is problem,well take my van. it decides to blow a hole in the side of the engine.oh we sat.and soon enough a couple stops. turns out theyhad driven by us,on a different road,and saw our lights,so they flipped around and came back. offered us a ride,and when aked where theyre going,mthey said tehachapi. considering this was still a good 30 mins away,this was a beautiful thing.caught a ride,and had to walk a good 8-10 miles up he mountain,to get home,but we caught a ride for the last halfmile or so. soyep,id say the winnings are getting pretty big right now.we get tp use the cabrio our mama has,the 2002 drop top with the blue and purple mother of pearl paint job version. ah so now your caught up. and yes my love,id saythe lords doing great things in our life,considering i came all of five inches from being hit by a toyots camry today,doing at least 85,most likely somewhere aroubnd yes,were both going to make sure we get backto church,LOL.well,catch ya all a bit later,ive got some email to ceck tonight,lol.buh bye!

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