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On 2004-04-26 at 2:29 a.m., lynx86 said:

ah ladeeeeesss n gentlemen!*sigh*dont ask me why i did that just felt like it,lol.well not much has happened today,except we drove back to colton,via Q and I's mama,(she decided to simply drive us as we thought the other car wuld be alright for a little while).we got there just in time for Q to leave for work. we hit the freeway,and stated smelling burnt transmission fluid.gee we're on strike two here...but with getting off at the first exit,running a red light and taking turns with as little speed lost,we still barely got the car back to the house. needless to say Q never made it to work.

so,instead,Steph(our mama)had decided to stick around to talk to her sister for a little while,hehe,and we all ended up spending the day together,lol.

we went out got chinese food for the three of us,and got steph a bit of vegetarian food,as well as a small bit of the non meaty chinese stuff.

we all four then vegetated in front of the tv watching movies,LOL which consisted of white oleander,spider man(saw the ending three different times today,LOL,just havent connected the whole story yet...)*sigh*

but after all that we rode back up to Tehachapi,a two and a half hour-three hour drive(can you say nap?)and arrived at about 130 i think it was,,we stay for the night. but in the morning me and Q find out if we get the apartment we applied for,(can i get a lord please from somebody?)if we do we've got a whole lot of running around t do be4 work,so i think ill just make a quick phone call at 4,then go to bed,lol.

well,im off to go find something else to mess around with,by the way,gorgeous,when ya gunna change my background again....?i keep hoping for a new one,to see what other bg's you come up with,lol. cause ye know im helpless when it comes to anything but the basics,lol.

but im out! CIAO

Well, my Darling Dork, if you'd only LOOK at the page, you might have noticed that I changed it just after your last update. And You should have called back this morning, the phones were neglected and not unforwarded... so it all went to Mom's cell. Call back, next time!! -Hcatty

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