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On 2004-05-02 at 2:30 a.m., lynx86 said:

ah well,good news,interesting news and bad news,which would you like first?

ah well,lets see,granny has decided NOT to give us our stuff,which,is sort of a lost cause,because we may just end up taking her to court.yes love i know,but there is a few family items in there,and if not court,then a little BnE may just occur.

good news is we got the place,and we move in on the 5th(somebody cheer)*grins as he hears a yeehaw somewhere,then proceeds to shut the cowboy up with a beer*too bad had to waste a beer there,oh well.

i also found out that my company is trying to hire a man on permanently at work,and is offering him aroun 11 bucks an hour if he goes permanent. considering thats just base pay which means hell get an extra ten percent on top of this,thats a grand paycheck.the bearing on myself here is,theyr training me to basically be able to do several things,instead of one,they want me to expand.this man is only versed in one thing.which means i have a decent shot at the same,or beter, least by my reckoning.lets hope im right eh?

also have to wonder,why is it everyone stops comin to websites when i JOIN?!?!?! dangerspoue hasnt updated inover two weeks! and another read of mine hasnt updated in over a month,as wl as another person or two who hasnt updated in a week. cmon ppl! i get to read yall once a week,gimme something to READ!

well anyways,im kind of tired,so i think illcheck out a few other sites,and then go to bed,lol.ttyl!

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