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On 2004-07-30 at 6:31 p.m., lynx86 said:

well here i am after the long break dont worry,for all you lucky guys who can update daily,i will get around to buying a computer one of these days so you can enjoy my witty remarks,n such,dont worry its fairly high on the list,right under a fridge,a car,a life,n other assorted impossibles.....

wl it had been quite the wierd time since last i was on,my brother has gone into the hospital n come right back out,ive lost a job,checked out several more,a friend quit a job shes had fopr a while ,in oreder to stay at home and take care of the new baby,as well as its two siblings,and so i still need to get her a card,a congrats have a good life,hope i see you sometime type thing,hmmm anybody got a coverall?

well id best hurry ive got to wrap this up so i can send it be4 i get cut off,times you know.

well,i shall see you guys all later,if interested in getting in touch with me,ask hcatty for my addy at home,LOL she can decided to give it to ye,lol. well im out!

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