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On 2004-08-09 at 5:24 p.m., lynx86 said:

hmm where to start....

silent feelings,

unspoken thoughts.

always there for a laugh,

always comforting,

always willing to listen,

a jewel to the earth.

a man with so much humor in his life,

that even at his lowest points he laughed,if nothing else at himself.

loved dearly by those who knew him best,

it was a great happiness for us all,

when he found the love of his life,

the one who made him shine,

brighter then ever before.

never condescending,

always protective of the women,

and always there to back up the men.

he was only there in words for most all of us,but somehow that was enough.

it didnt seem to matter that we couldnt see our friend most dear.

for me personally,

i met the man at one of his lowest points.

i began to know this man while he was feeling particularly down....

i never realized that speaking to the nman that night would affect us both so.

for in one night i found a friend,

that moved above and beyond all boundries,for after that night we could share all,like two brothers.

and so we called each the other.

id greet him with a loud HEY BRO!!! when i saw him each time.....

and wed laugh and carouse about the room all night long,driving ppl crazy.

at times like this i am reminded of the friends ive lost along the way,either to death,or to seeming permanence.

they were friends who stayed by me,

at every length,to watch over me,

and i the same for them...

but this entry i devote to my friend,

here and above, "StealthWarrior",also known as Bill.

i remember when he told me about the newest woman in his life,i have to agree friend,i did think it would be short....but i didnt know your Diana.

i fell in and out of contact with him for a while,but every time,but every time,him and Di. were closer and closer.

i thought i actually saw a future of happiness for a man so devoted to giveing happiness to those he cared about.

i remember the times id share secrets with him,things i felt i couldnt even share with the woman i love more then anything.and hed always put a twist on it. hed laugh at the right moment,or crack a joke,or SOMETHING,to set me right in my mind. /P>

i remember he is the one who convinced me to share the secrets with the love of my life,the ones i felt she wouldnt,couldnt understand.

but now hes gone,taken from us all,to a better place.i dont fully know what his beliefs were,but i do believe he has acheived what most of us have striven for.

and so my friend,i wish you a fond goodbye for now,and pray that you will watch over us all the way you always did... and i thank you...

i thank you for the happiness you planted in each of our hearts,to grow for eternity.....i thank you for reminding us all that its not a crime to laugh,at least in aussie land...

mostly though,i thank you for being there to listen when i needed it,and for reminding me often of what i want out of life,of the important things......

thank you my friend...

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