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On 2004-08-18 at 7:54 p.m., lynx86 said:

well i guess i should tell yall about whats been happeneing to me lately. well,i lost my temp spot a little while ago,and then moved over to where Quincy was working,in a warehouse,unloading boxes from tractor tailers. that was simple,but they let us all go,and kept a few of the guys(mebbe its me but they seem to have kept the lazy guys and gotten rid of all the good workers.....)

well after that i ended up sitting for a good two weeks,(VACATION!!!!)and now im working with the Comcast Cable company,working in their say its a blast but its boring,lol. its so dead they allow the guys to wear headphones and do what little work there is,lol.all i do is clean cable boxes,and arrange them for testing or stock,lol,and sometimes scan the boxes back into the system or out of the system. and for all this back breaking work(righht)i make nine an hour. and the real sad part is as much as i end up standing around all day,because theres absolutely nothing to do,besides wrapping cords,theyre actually thinking of having me com in for overtime this saturday....a full eight hours...LOLi can deal with that thats an extra hundred dollars in my pocket...

well,my good friend Jennifer flys in on the fifth,and the house gets a little more crowded, not complaining,thats means theres someone else to talk to when Quincys annoying me.

well,thats about it,cept for the fact im thinking about a second job since im not exactly working pout at work,lol.

well till next time!

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