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On 2006-01-24 at 2:41 p.m., lynx86 said:

well thats it. the memorial was yesterday,at 1,in the church she attended.Anna Louise Goff,Maiden name Caramico.also known as Annie Lady,Aunt Ann,Gramma,Grandma Ann,she was a woman who,every time she met someone,she picked up another name,simply because to everyone she met she was something different.i began crying even be4 the service started,tears streaming down my face as i havent in a long time. the pastor spoke of her and allowed us to speak of her and our memories of her...then we had a meal after the memorial,at which the family sat around and reminisced as many of us havent seen each other in years.the woman will be greatly missed even though there was only about 40 people there at the memorial. we havetapes to send back out east to the people who werent able to make it to California,as well as a power point presentation for whomeever would like to have pictures of Gramma when she was a young woman up until not too long be4 she died..........she is a woman who will be missed greatly in my life as she was the nly person i was ever able to speak to freely and get an honest straight to the heart answer from. even Heather im not able to simply say it.i have to think about iot first...but gramma...she knew usually be4 i ever said anything.well,shell always be with me....

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