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On 2006-03-04 at 10:19 p.m., lynx86 said:

well,many things have changed,since the last entry. im working in the kohls distribution center warehouse,and trying to get things straight in my life so i can marry the one i love sometime in the next ten years.....if im lucky...hehehe then again im lucky just to have the chance at her once again.then again,LOL she simply informed me i was hers,lol not that im fighting it....hehehe. well,i have been talking to quite a few ppl from my past,as ive found a bunch on myspace that ive known for years, from the time i was in high knopw,its a bit disconcerting.. most have their first or second child already,and ones even a teacher in japan..n he was the class screw up! sigh oh well,just means its time for me to get to work so i cn have my baby girl soon,and get married with a decent job.i even went to church today,with my old high school well,acquaintance anyways,lol didnt know her very well in school.well,catch me later pplz! much love to all,im out!

ich liebe dich miene liebling,tu eres mi amor,und GERONIMO!!! adios mi haina.

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