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On 2006-04-01 at 8:40 p.m., lynx86 said:

well,im entirely aware that i havent updated this inb a long time... soooooooo...LOL.
well im getting married. ive asked the beautiful hcatty,and she ha accepted. so ill be going to live in texas,after a my aunts promise ring arrives. ill be going to put it on her finger,and formally ask her parents for their approval. only thing to decide is if ill stay on the first trip,or come back and handle anything else...not too sure of which ill be choosing....but then its onto the wedding,which shes informed me she wont even begin planning until ive put the ring on her finger,and after the wedding(rubbing many of her families noses into it of course......)its possibly off to hawaii for a six month "honeymoon" as my aunt needs some help and my fiance has informed me she is nt going to allow me to go alone...hheheheh much fun.i DO feel a little bit guilty for not being able to give her more...but then again...shes happy as hell with the whole idea...LOL(quote unquote ITS HAWAII!!!WHO CARES!?!???!??!!!)lol shes in for a surprise isnt she? LOLbut this should be a fun trip for me. i just wish i could stop hearing from certain ppl that i have nothing to offer her....i KNOW this already....they just rub it in even more... but they dont understand that whatever i have to give she wants from me.but oh well,theyr supportive of the whole thing(cept mama....she just said shell pray about it....she keeps sayin aint no weddin happenin,lol)oh well......well wish me luck!

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